The agency where I work have been busy producing a series of 2-3min shorts, called Lovebites, that are being shown 5x/week in TBS here in the US, in partnership with Sunsilk. They focus on the life of a 25yo as she develops a relationship with her new man. A few episodes were filmed that would never make it onto US telly, so can be found on the website and the video sites, covering such topics as spanking, male fake orgasms and shared shaving.

2 thoughts on “Lovebites

  1. I love that the front of the site says “Watch the show”, “check out the bedroom”, and “win free shit”

    I can only imagine how much debate happened around the “win free shit” one. It’s kind of funny, and caught me a little off guard, but then I think “wait, I already know I’m on a corporate site, and they’re referring to their own product…”

    I’m kind of on the fence on whether I like it or not.


  2. They’re not referring to their product but to the stuff you can win. The target audience does talk like that…