2015 Week Notes 9

We’re officially into spring (well, according to the meteorologists) and the days are getting longer, with more daylight to do things. I just need to do more things.


  • I took a trip round Key Gardens on Sunday, taking advantage of a sunny day to go look at crocuses, orchids and the Palm House
    Kew Mar 1 2015

    Kew Mar 1 2015

    Kew Mar 1 2015

  • The only outing in the week was to the running Club social night, where they awarded a couple of prizes for the Winter training handicap.
  • I finished the week doing another section of the London LOOP, a 13m section from Moor Park to Elstree. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was out and it was really trying to be warm. A good day for a long walk.
    Walk the LOOP - Moor Park to Elstree

    Walk the LOOP - Moor Park to Elstree


    • I’ve read 3 fantasy books this week, with my ongoing books still ongoing. I can read this genre very quickly, everything else takes a lot longer.
    • What Millennials want from work It’s too easy to assign what you know about Millennials in your country, o at least the stereotype of them, to all members of that age group. Here’s some global research that delves a little deeper.
    • How Brands must be social. If you’ve been working seriously in social media for any length of time, nothing in this list will surprise you. But it’s still worth stating as so many people don’t understand.
    • The new Nostalgia trend: it’s all in the reference. When information moves so fast a trend is over before it has chance to take real root into culture, one way to have trends is to use things that are heavily embedded.
    • The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness: A Procedure and Some Preliminary Findings this is the paper behind a piece in the New York Times and many other newspapers. Can a series of increasingly intimate and revelatory questions can increase your chances of falling in love. The answer is yes.


    Nothing. Just some cross training. After the half marathon, a spot on the leg flared up and left me in pain for the week. Icing, anti-inflamatories and no running was the diagnosis. The long walk on Saturday was a test of it and so far it’s not too bad, but still tender. Will try some treadmill running tomorrow.

    The odds of me running the Paris marathon are now very low. I an re-adjusting the plan and considering a run-walk approach, which is still going to be a hard slog given the lack of miles in the legs. Everything is paid for so I’m going anyway and will keep plugging away at the training and see how it goes.

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