2015 Week Notes 8


  • Lots of work in the first part of the week, with a Book Club evening on the Tuesday for a good chat and a glass of wine.
  • The second half of the week was spent in Spain, watching formula 1 testing. I stayed in a town near to the circuit instead of in Barcelona this year, but despite it being a cheap hotel and easy to get to the circuit, I think that in future I my consider going back to Barcelona. I like the food experience too much! All my photos can be found here: day 1 and day 2

    Barcelana Test 3 Day 2

    Barcelana Test 3 Day 2

    Barcelana Test 3 Day 2

  • Normally I’d stay for all the days of the test, but because of the last minute booking I had things to do at the weekend. So flew home Friday to be ready for the half-marathon on Saturday.


  • I did not save many articles this week. I did read 3 books though, 3 fantasy books.
  • I also managed to mistime the reading of the book club book, for some reason, I thought it was the following week. We were reading The Lie by Helen Dunsmore. Although the reviews from the book club cloud was not too complimentary, so I proably won’t be reading it


  • I started the week well, with a good run around Richmond Park.
  • The week itself did not bring any runs – not able to run before work and then a few days holiday
  • finished the week with a half marathon. This was at Dorney, running round the lake, a race I did last year. Although this year, with the lack of training, was slower. I deliberately ran at a slower pace. So overall time was 12mins slower than last year, but overall, happy with how the plan was executed.


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