2015 Week Notes 10


  • Drinks with friend from work, where we decided we needed to get out of the office and go and have a good chat about none office things! We ended up going to Opera Tavern for some of their tapas and a good evening was had. We even managed to be home at a reasonable time.
  • Thursday was night out with wine club. We were trying to eat at Bubbledogs but there was a 90min wait so we retired to the Charlotte St Hotelfor some celebratory champagne for an engagement. The hotel were nice enough to send out a little cake to share. Another night I returned home at a reasonably decent hour, before they got to the food.
    Engagement congratulations
  • And the reason for an early leavetaking? The F1 started for the year, with the Australian GP. A 1am start for practice meant I needed to get some sleep, as the next 2 days with 4 session to watch in the middle of the night takes some effort!
  • Another trip to the fracture clinic this week, with more xrays to check healing. The finger has now been freed from being tied to the one next to it and the focus now on is getting some movement, as its bending capability is quite restricted. I got given some silly putty to use to practice my squeezing on. Next sugeon appointment in 6 weeks, next physio in 2 weeks.
  • Saturday was another evening out, meeting up with Suw who was over from the US. A great evening of chat and catching up!


  • No none fiction books again (I’ll get there eventually) but just the 3 other books.
  • Customer Service in a social media age A story in the Independent about how social media, especially Twitter, has changed how companies need to think about customer service. Not just the crisis management moment, but the day by day grind and complaints that come their way,
  • Everything is problematic Fascinating piece about being an activist, how it narrows your thinking and your attitudes and how the author matured out if it. Is activism a youth phenomenon, as the brain is wired to be that passionate and focused on things before maturity brings a wider and more pragmatic outlook?


A quiet week for most of it, just doing some cross training. On Saturday, ran the Thames Meander half marathon, which went from Kingston to Kew and back. It’s the first of 3 of these events, which are a joint half and full marathon (the full one runs to Putney and back). I’ve entered the full series as targets for the year. A well organised event, along the river towpath, so nice and flat. I went into it not knowing if I’d be able to finish, but kept it slow and steady and got to the end eventually. My slowest half yet, but given my fitness state, happy with it.


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