Color Showdown is here

Shameless plug for a site and campaign I’ve been working on, but check out* from Sunsilk for some fun stuff.

Colour Showdown

The site taps into the blondes vs brunettes war (you don’t think it’s a war – take a look a the MySpace groups!). Not sure how many of the target audience read this, but if you are, you can do the following:

  • watch videos – the TV spots, behind the scenes, jokes (send your friend a joke video)
  • see results of our ‘secret experiments’, currently it’s who eats healthiest, but we have a few more to come.
  • read all about the product and see how it works (look out for the easter egg)
  • answer polls, get stuff for you website, download wallpaper and AIM icons and (soon) play games

Throughout the site, you earn points for your side, so go and take a look and click around the brunette side, more points for us 😉

The campaign is not just the website, that is just the first stage and there is a lot more to come. The TV breaks tonight.

*The number of times I have to retype that ‘correct’ the right spelling is getting annoying.

4 thoughts on “Color Showdown is here

  1. Great site…definitely makes an impact with the hosts and plays on the concept of brunette against blonde. I’m guessing for monetary reasons they elected to use different hosts than the guy doing the current voice-overs in the other Sunsilk commercials. That was the only point of disconnect. Otherwise, looks fabulous.

  2. The guy on the ads is Mario Cantone, who only does the VO. The Hairapy guys, the 3 hosts, have been the online hosts since the start back last July. They do the website and various tv programmes (on VH1, or TBS or iVillage). So there’s no disconnect with the rest of the marketing, just with the general TV

  3. Interesting…I’ve been pondering the role of consistency between different mediums and wondering how far you can vary between them and still maintain brand/concept integrity. My only exposure to Sunsilk prior was through TV with the Mario Cantone VO. is my first “interactive” exposure to the brand. Do you know the reason why they didn’t use the three hosts in general TV spots too since they are so visible everywhere else? Did the desire for a recognizable voice play a role in the VO selection?

  4. They were looking for a recognisable face/voice when the brand launched in the US last year, so that is why MC was chosen. The Hairapy Guys (and have you seen were chosen to support a key brand idea and to do a lot of the online and PR stuff, areas where a ‘star’ would never have the time to do as it is an almost full time job.