Spending Marketing budgets in new ways

The Budget Treasure Hunt enters it second week, with three winners announced. For a blog supporting a campaign it appears to be appears to be rather light on posts on the main page, even with the weekend getting in the way, but the Hunters’ Stories page, which is competitor driven, is busier .

Evelyn Rodriguez has a post about why, as a customer, she won’t be influenced by the campaign. I have an opposite reaction – I very rarely use hire cars, so something like this brings Budget first to mind if I’m searching. But it won’t be first choice if the costs aren’t comparable.

Kathy Sierra has suggested an number of alternate uses for marketing spend beyond the usual. As market becomes fragmented, as people look beyond the one way ads, there’s more opportunities to try different things. From utilising the web with its alternative communications strategies to sponsorship and other community activities the ways that agencies/brands can spread their word grows (or should that be the need to do things differently grows as people get bored with traditional methods!)

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