Snippets 1 Oct

Audi branching out on BlogAds. For a recent award winning campaign, Audi spent 0.5% of their media spend on a Blog Ad promotion. This led to 29% of the visits on the campaign homepage, which is a pretty astounding number. For me, it shows the use of blogs as an advertising channel can tighten the targeting, providing ads that are far more in context with what is being looked for.

Another brand that has won awards for its ads gives a sneak preview of the new UK TV ad online this weekend. The new Guinness ad can be found here (I work for the parent company).

The third space tourist blasted off today to spend 10 days in the International Space Station. At a rumoured £11million, not the cheapest of holidays for soemthing that is definitely not 5 star but something I think a fair few people would love to give it a go.

Rollyo is a great tool to find new resources. The team have put a new front end on Yahoo! search, allowing yoiu to create custom searches of up to 25 blogs, creating a node of excellence for subjects you are interested in. The key is that by allowing you to look at the searches created by others, the tools bring authority and recommendations to search. Using one of the search rolls, you know the results are from pages that someone else has found trustworthy. It introduces a higher level of searching – how do I find a cluster of trusted searches in the subject I want.

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  1. Very brave to include links to your company’s activities. Take heed of the wisdom of Dilbert today.

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