Movie recommendations

In a similar way to Amzaon, Yahoo can now offer a personalised choice of movies based on you rating a selection. It presents you an initial list of 4 or 5, you rate them and then it provides a selection of other titles. You can request not to be shown titles again, or continually refine your choice by rating the movies as you see them. It’d not a new idea, however unlike Amazon (the only other similar system I;ve used) it also presents you with fils that are currently in the cinimas, not just those on DVD; even more interesting it links to those that are appearing on TV in the near future – but only if you have US TV.

Localising it to the UK would be good, but an even better next step would be to add it to the content available on My Yahoo – the only way I can find to link them is by adding the Film Guide as a favourite, so it’s listed next to Yahoo360. If you’re going for a portal – at least give me all the bits that I may want on one page – it may encourage me to use more than 3 elements! Via Hackling Netflix

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