And finally

Lot’s of stuff posted today. During the week I sometimes have less time than I would like to capture things. So today, I’ve been adding posts in-between all the housework. And now I have 2 final things.


Something brewing in the world of magazines..or is it. With a blog, a blogroll and a very big ad, what are they up to?

Petition to Ban the Internet

Via Trish Wilson, I see the United Confederation against the WWW (I’m guessing some American pressure group?) have launched a petition to get the internet banned from American homes.

On a web page.

All I can say, if you don’t like it – don’t look at it!

Update: as Trish commented in the comments – this is a hoax. So therefore sheds some light on my expectations (or UK reporting of) American pressure groups. It still sounds like something someone, somewhere would do. Like complaining aobout TV programmes – if you don’t like, don’t watch

One thought on “And finally

  1. Rachel, the petition is a hoax. It’s a funny one, too. Read the signatories. FARK found it, and the Farkers spammed it with lots of silly stuff.