Life is short…make it Eventful

Today, I had the good fortune to listen to Jordon Glazier, the CEO of eventful, talk about his service. They say time flies ont he web but I was surprised that the service was only 1 year old as I it feels like I’ve been aware of it for much longer. That said, I use it rarely being more of an upcoming user. However, by the sound of it there are a number of changes coming along that may change that choice, with increased personalisation available, the ability to see what your friends are doing and share your events etc.

For me, the search/category option is far easier to work around on Eventful and makes it easier to find my way round the site without having to dig through a lot of pages. But the most interesting side is the Demand side – demand an event and it may just happen. I first saw this being used on Wil Wheaton’s blog, with him using it to organise a few readings on a trip. Jordon stated that the original purpose was to enable ‘fan’ driven events, pulling together like minded people and hopefully persuading someone to do something but the service has taken off far more for artists, comedians etc who use it to find out where major concentrations of fans reside and organise tours etc. Otep are using it to finalise 6 cities in their next tour. All in all, a good service I’m going to be looking at more.


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