Eight for 2008

Keith is the latest person to tag me with the 8 for 2008, tell me some things, meme. I’ve done this a few times before, back in August with 8 things. As with the last time, I’m not tagging anyone, but would be interested in hearing stuff in the comments or on your own blog. But I will add one more thing.

For quite a few years I’ve been studying my family geneology, (that link goes to the latest version, not quite all sorted yet). It started with my mom looking up things and I’ve taken it a bit further. It normally amounts to one or 2 days a year focusing on it, but this year, with the time off, I’ve been doing a lot of trawling of censuses and church records. The latest breakthrough was linking to someone who has done a lot of study and managed to trace back a line to 1583. I’ve found coal miners, ironworkers, publicans, rugby players and the occasional workhouse resident. No one famous, no one titled, just a long line of workers.

One thought on “Eight for 2008

  1. I love to research family history, too, and often write about it. I’ve even taught family history and genealogy workshops. Some of the ancestors are so interesting that I’m writing about them…for my family and possibly for publication for stories or novels. I’m working on a children’s book about my grandmother’s Uncle William “Buffalo Bill” Mathewson…a fascinating figure in Kansas history, although he started out in NYS.