Rugby and Roulette

A couple of virals for Friday – both UK based. The first is from the Rugby Football Union, not your usual source of viral videos, with a short funny encouraging you to go out and play rugby. If you are a cat fan, this may not be your cup of tea.

The second is from my previous empoyer Smirnoff. As the US bans online gambling (and see Freakonomics for a good analysis of that and why it is stupid) Smirnoff UK, in conjunction with FHM, release Czar Roulette – spin the wheel, predict the numbers and win entry to a sweeps for 500 quid at the same time as giving them your name for the database. The game itself is as fun as any other roulette game, especially as I don’t have any money on it. Couple of annoying things about it, though: having my opt-ins pre-populated is bad practice and not something I thought Diageo did; and do I really have to go through a second age check if I want to visit the main Smirnoff site?


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