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Last night, the Guardian Word of Mouth blog ran a chocolate tasting and they really did deliver. There was a room full of pieces of chocolate Easter Eggs for us to enjoy, ranging from supermarket basic types all the way up to gourmet organic chocolate. As well as bowls and bowls of choc, there was the opportunity to try some port or Courvoisier. or some Gonzalez Byass exclusive sherry or even to get a demonstration of chocolate making. It was a brilliant evening, ably organised by Suse and everyone looked liked they were enjoying themselves as they ate their way to a chocolate haze.

Writing this up, there’s definitely on improvement they could make – a list of brands to take away so I could remember what I liked! BUt I have some recollection. My favourite from the eggs was the Daylesford Organic dark chocolate. The chocolate truffles from Paul A Young, both the Guinness and the basil were brilliant for my favourite taste overall was the ‘raw’ chocolate from Mayan Magic, who gave a demonstration of making your own (coming to Selfridges next week)

Chocsaway on Twitter

Chocsaway on Twitter

Update: here’s some more posts about the event

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9 thoughts on “Guardian Word of Mouth Chocolate Tasting

  1. I can’t believe I missed this. 🙁 I hope that they run another! Or maybe when work calms down I can organise my own!

  2. Suw, we have chocolate left – send Kevin to see me. Rachel, great feedback, thanks. We will be posting more info on all the suppliers – just putting together a little thing for G2 now, of which, more later. Thanks again for coming. Delighted to meet everyone, if a little overwhelmed by the stress of turning the Guardian’s offices into a chocolate factory!
    Suse x

  3. Howdy, now wishing I took camera, so am asking whether you’d be willing to give permission for me to use your photo (with credit) as I can see myself (and my bright orange shirt) in it?

  4. It looks like an impressive range of chocolate was provided… I think some of the local newspapers here (Sydney) should put on similar events 🙂

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