5 thoughts on “MySpace design

  1. Yep, that is waht I mean. How to take the MySpace system and really change it through the customisable CSS. And remove the many bad design elements of the typical myspace page.

  2. I do have too agree, these cookie cutter designs have been floating around the web for quite some time. I really do not see the forward movement that the team at myspace is trying to achieve. Implementing a system that users have already been using for sometime now, bogus upgrade. They just want you to spend more time on their site and have more of their ads driven towards you.
    Although from another standpoint, they put something on their site that is on countless other myspace layout sites.. which btw, are prolly not as safe as far as spyware and such getting onto your computer as myspace is. For the beginner user to use so they do not have to stray to far from myspace.
    When they feel confortable enough or are simply tired of the default css. The they can search and there will be another pile of pages that inform you on howto implement a div overlay. The graphical edge, i am sorry, but myspace cannot give that to every user. Things like that come with experiance and since myspace is just a social network with a very broad user range.
    They concentate on the middle ground, which is just another cookie cutter design that does not stray far from any boundry.

  3. Wow – nice one!

    Funny, I just logged onto MySpace and noticed the most popular search is “HTML”. Certainly seems like people (users/members) want a better look to their pages…

    Tom? Are you listening?

  4. Adam, Spending time on the site is what it is all about, but many people are doing that anyway, using the system instead of email and the like. I think one of the reasons that MySpace took off was the freedom to do what someone wanted with their own page. And what you see is that very few of the millions care about ‘good design’ they care about expressing themselves. And many of these expressions are just aweful to most of us. (I could use that word in the older sense, as at times I can be full of awe that someone would design their page quite as…sparkly?..as that. (insert your own words here).

    Jen, not surprised that is a popular search term. Although I can;t say that they want a ‘better’ look. They want a look but not necessarily one that you would call better 😉