Urban Planning in Second Life

I love the concept that a Paris residents association is asking members to propose a new design for the redesign of a central part of the city.

The association is urging locals to come up with their own ideas for the area’s gardens and post them in the online world of Second Life, where people create virtual doubles of themselves called avatars. Accomplir will shortlist five of the best projects, which will then be displayed on an island in Second Life.

How many entries do they think they will get? How many people can do such design? If you want to see one in action, take a look at this superb video from Lordfly Digeridoo who planned and built a site for a college requirement.

4 thoughts on “Urban Planning in Second Life

  1. I agree – not just that SL may not handle the job but more so the targets for this, the ones that have an opinion about what they want in the space may not be able to handle SL. It seems more of a PR thing than a real attempt to do community design.