Vidmeter Report on Copyrighted videos

Vidmeter, a company I have written about before have produced an excellent analysis of videos removed by copyright owners from YouTube. The report can be found on their News page. In just over 3 months, they tracked the top viewed videos on the site, totaling 6,725 videos. Of these, they found that on 621 videos had been removed, only 6% of the total. Of those, 72 were from Viacom, only just over 2%.

Considering Viacom, seem to think that YouTube was built on the back of their content, these numbers don’t appear to reflect that belief, given the small percentage of successful videos that were found. Now, there may be a lot more on there than that number shows, but these are the top rated videos, the ones watched by the greatest numbers, so definitely fall into Viacom’s belief structure of driving success. Given that Viacom sub-companies appear to use YouTube on their blogs and display copyrighted content, how is their lawsuit looking?

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