Use of flash

I posted earlier about the Bling my Bomb sit and the agencies decision to use Flash 8. Ashley from Soap commented to explain the decision

So far there’s been a 20% visitor rate to the “noflash” page, which is 17% more than usual however the people who visit the app get a better experience. As this is a 6 month campaign we feel this figure will settle down to a negligible figure.

That’s a better figure than I expected given the barrier of having to download a new version before you could see the site.

You could read the comment – except I had a moment of stupidity and deleted it in stead of saving it as I edited it to remove an erroneous tag! (I hit the wrong button, still half asleep here) But the key reason for moving to this was a decision about file size; Flash 8 reduced it by about 50% and made the end user experience so much better and this was considered less of a barrier.

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