Girl Geek Dinner 2

I went along to the second Girl’s Geek Dinner last night. About 50 people turned up and, judging by the level of chat, it looked like everyone got something out of it. Ably organised by Sarah , there were two speakers. Eileen Brown spoke about evangelism in Microsoft and being a woman working in a perceived man’s world. Adriana spoke about blogs and companies, how the word is spreading and interest has taken off over the last two months (one mention was for Cillit Bang, whose clumsy use of the media is recorded on the BBC site as going a bit Pete Tong). Somewhere, there’ll be a podcast put up. The next one is planned for January, so spread the word.

One thought on “Girl Geek Dinner 2

  1. I’m not sure who runs Girl Geekdinner, but you might be interested in the next event which includes Molly from Maybe this might be a really good time to do a joint event?