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  • Blake Ross has an irony-laden take on Airport Secuity which rings some bells; especially with the the apparent lack of care I often see in various airports; there’s lot’s of people doing the job, just few looking like they care about it.

    The lady at the entrance to the security line asks to see my electronic ticket (“e-ticket”), which is printed on home computer paper. To ensure that I didn’t make my ticket in Microsoft Paint, the lady scans it with the barcode reader in her eye.


  • Mena Trott takes a look at bloggers through history
  • File sharers swap more video. CacheLogic have a report saying that two thirds of files being swapped in P2P networks are video. They used file extensions, which probably skews the results anyway, as many large files are swapped in a compressed state.
  • Donald Trump is apparently blogging. On first appearances it appears he can only manage single sentences; but click though, there’s more there. But somewhere in the mechanics it appears comments are being edited.
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    Round Up

    Some stuff that caught my eye today.

  • Via Adverblog, a Renault Megane ad video that is unlikely to make primetime TV. It definitely takes to an extreme the use of scantily clad women to advertise cars.
  • An unusual defence against the purchase of beer for someone who is underage – that the Miller Genuine Draft purchased was not proven to be beer by the prosecution, hence the case was dropped.
  • Girls prefer girly websites. Glamorgan University Business School has concluded in a study that site design may play a part in prefence and that girls prefer websites with more colour and less formality. I hope no-one acted surprised at the results of that study!
  • A further perspective on the Comcast/Colacanis/Denton spat that is currently doing the rounds – a request by Fred Wilson for them to chill
  • a tip from BL Ochman that Technorati is about to be sold, within the week, to a large search engine company. Yahoo (who spent $1b on a stake in a Chinese eCommerce company this week) and Google are the obvious candidates.

    And finally, BA flights into Heathrow are grounded, at least until Friday. Hopefully I won’t be stuck on New York any longer than planned, but I can see this having knock-on effects.

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