Morning Roundup

This story on the BBC caught my eye yesterday. A man was jailed and banned from keeping pets for life after he ripped the head off his parrot after a drunken night out. He did not appear for his case as he was too drink and the sentencing was delayed as he turned up again after drinking 8 pints of lager. At no point in the story is it mentioned that perhaps some treatment may be better than jail time. The final word has to go to the judge: “You are what might be described as the Ozzy Osbourne of Wolverhampton for the way you have treated this bird. The parrot had no chance of fleeing.”

Tivo now appear to be encouraging people to watch ads. I use mine to avoid them, so the news that the US makers are courting advertising money is not welcome. Then again, Tivo stopped investing in the UK market, leaving it all for Sky+ a long time ago so we amy be lucky (I doubt it though).

Read Steve Gilmour’s Death of Podcasting. The trends keep coming and going.

Yesterday at work we were all coerced to the ‘Data Security Roadshow’, where we were encouraged to see such useful demonstrations about strong passwords, identify theft, wireless security and other such important business requirements in an attempt to tackle the weakest link in any company’s security – the user. What would normally be a very poorly attended session was boosted by geting the tactics right – free lunch and lots of prizes just for showing up, from chocolates and sweets up to iPods.

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