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On Monday I got the chance to spend a little time in the studio where some of the content for a site I’m working on is being filmed. There was no actual business reason to be there – I just wanted to see what a filming set looked like! The bigest surprise to me was just the large numbers of people required to do the shoot…as opposed to the one person video blogging stuff that mainly appears on the sites I visit.

2 thoughts on “Studio Work

  1. and of course they do it so much better 😉 I haven’t listened to the videoblogger session from bloggercon, but I suspect there’s something apropos in there too.

    I had a glimpse of this when I went down to get audience reaction to the opening night of previews of Avenue Q in the West End. I got a nice little movie out of it on my own, but the BBC were also there with a n interviewer, cameraman, soundman and errr….someone else (producer/director type?) Of course the stuff they got was beautifully shot…(err.. unfortunately even that doesn’t come across quite so well when played on the BBC’s realplayer) but they only used a few seconds of it in the final piece.

  2. I think the quality gap is closing. The equipment available is getting better (or just cheaper) making it more accessible. It’s easier to edit and do effects. It’s a great space to be in.