Public Relations Online

I attended a launch party last night for Public Relations Online, “a forum showcasing how brands can protect themselves and improve relationships with partners, customers and press by using new techniques such as web-monitoring, blogging, and search engine optimisation.” A lot of enthusiasm to embrace the different ways of working, with a frank acknowledgement (with a hint of worry) of the challenges of doing PR in a connected environment. However, I think there’s still some steps to take – putting up the formal press release as a blog post with no further comment is not necessarily the right first step! But, willingness to learn was evident so I’ll watch this with interest.

The event was held at the Adam Street Club. Looks like a fun place, as indicated by the signs on the back of the loo doors.

“Please do not throw…tights, knickers, shoes, i-pods, suited gentlemen, thick & ugly people (well maybe them!), or circus performers down the loo. If you do so, it will cause a terrible mess, which will be your fault entirely, and very embarassing all round. Frankly , you may never quite recover form it.”

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