2015 Weeks Notes 12

Catching up on weeknotes!

Olympic Park


  • Went to watch The Ruling Class at the Trafalgar Theatre, with James McAvoy. A revival of a 1968 play by Peter Barnes, I really enjoyed it, even though it was a definite result of the time it was written. What is better, a hippy (insane) duke or a ‘cured’ one who exhibits all the conservatism of the hang and flog em variety of aristocracy? Also. what is better to view, McAvoy shirtless or McAvoy in tails?
  • Took a walk around the Olympic Park. Not the best of days, but it was nice to be back there and see how it’s slowly being developed. I was over that side of town to stay for the evening as I was out at birthday party.
    Olympic Park
  • Went to the aforesaid birthday party, which was a lovely sit down meal by the team behind Grub London in the view Tube overlooking Olympic Park. Chilled almond soup and leg of lamb made for a lovely dinner. I’d also treated myself to a hotel for the night near to the venue (so I could get up early in the morning to watch the F1!)


  • Just a couple of books read this week, they’re long ones. I’ve started the Outlander series (as seen on Amazon, and they’re pretty easy reading.
  • Top Things I learnt from TED, bu Bill Gross. Interesting bits of information and links to interesting talks.
  • A Richter Scale of Outages by Matt Webb. A thought piece on how different net/web services can be scaled


I managed a 17 miler this week, slow and steady over Richmond Park, I tried out my run/walk method to see how that could be done for Paris and was happy that if the leg injury settled, then I would be able to make it round.

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