LeWeb: Evernote

Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote and Loic Le Meur, Founder, LeWeb

So it starts with another product launch (to be fair, the first today). Brings on person from Orange….Evernote and Orange met last year at LeWeb, Orange wanted to offer these platforms to their customers. So all Orange customers in France next year will get access to Evernote premium for a year. Will roll out over EU later.

Evernote asks people to trust them with their lives, so we share our numbers, so they trust us as well. Has 20 million users, 4x greater than last year. But how do they behave? Showed a nice chart about return users by cohort age….biggest returns in first few months, if you return for a few months, you don’t leave…then older accounts start coming back more, as people who leave start coming back more. They have a steady rise of longer term users who will pay -the longer you use it, the more you love it, so 20%>3years pay. Have about 750k pay, out of the 20m users. They are profitability, as of 6months ago, but back in read as hiring fast so can build things quickly. At this point, time to grow quickly

They launched new products yesterday, Evernote Food and Evernote Hello. Food is about capturing all the meals. A simple way to capture your food experiences. A new app..mobile apps need to be simple and direct. Want simple and elegant apps, so unified experience on desktop and simple focused on mobile. So capture on Food, see on main desktop. Evernote is private, to capture for own memory, but there are sharing abilities. Evernote Hello, is about people

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