LeWeb10 Charlie Kindel Microsoft

Charlie Kindel, GM, WP7 Developer Ecosystem, Microsoft Corporation
Q&A with Loic Le Meur, Founder, LeWeb

WARNING – LIVE BLOGGED, so somethings may be missing. Video below

Loic and Charlie Kindel, GM, WP7 Developer Ecosystem, Microsoft

I’m trying to blog this, but as an interview it’s a little all over the the place and there’s not a lot of new information – so here’s some bullet points.

  • CK won’t tell us how many phones they have sold
  • They have 3500 apps now, the toolkit has downloaded a few 100k times…they have lots of developers.
  • they don’t have a write once/run anywhere strategy, but that devs want to build mostly once and then target
  • Application model is optimised for cloud based development
  • Don’t think MS will do their own phone. They have 9 models worldwide. Different options for people. They have tablets today, based on Windows 7. Still doing something with tablets but won’t tell us
  • CK now feels that MS is credible, and is personally proud of the product. Feels they have more mountains to climb…
  • 1000s worked on it, it’s all the different teams, like xbox, Office etc
  • When CK started, he had the full SDK team, 1.5 people, now have 100s of people.
  • they do help port apps to phone; although thinks the tools they provide are the most productive tools for mobile development

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