Studying Again

I’m feeling the itch to do some studying again, so looking at the OU for courses. So far, I’m liking this lot:

Pretty sure that does not make a named degree, nor even a degree in total, but it looks a fun lot. FOr most, I need to wait til next year to start, but it’s good to plan.

3 thoughts on “Studying Again

  1. Clearly, you’re after a degree in criminal archaeocybernetic psychostrategy. Can’t be that uncommon to have a degree in that, now can it?

  2. Surely learning is not that much fun – how much more can you fit into that head of yours – you could always finish off my course for me – I just never seem to find the time.

  3. Yes jayne, It’s fun. Why do you think I do it? You can’t find the time cos of Josh! I have enough I think (and I study a bit faster than you…)