Jan 14

Ewan predicting MacWorld Coverage

Instead of predicting what Steve Jobs is going to say tomorrow, Ewan is just predicting what he is going to write about it

Ditto on the iPhone. You’ve sold a lot, that’s nice, but the point is that the majority of these are in the US. Look to any other territory where there’s even the modicum of competition in the functionality of handsets available and you’ve not got a hit. You’ve got the equivalent of the Nokia Communicator – an impressive device but in no way a mainstream success. Undercutting the US networks was easy, they’re in dire straights. But the likes of Vodafone, T-Mobile and others seem to have avoided you

So how much of the post will he have to change after the show?

Jan 10

Josh and Melie

Josh and Melie, originally uploaded by RachelC.

I love this photo. Also great blackmail material when they reach awkward teen years.

Jan 05

Eight for 2008

Keith is the latest person to tag me with the 8 for 2008, tell me some things, meme. I’ve done this a few times before, back in August with 8 things. As with the last time, I’m not tagging anyone, but would be interested in hearing stuff in the comments or on your own blog. But I will add one more thing.

For quite a few years I’ve been studying my family geneology, (that link goes to the latest version, not quite all sorted yet). It started with my mom looking up things and I’ve taken it a bit further. It normally amounts to one or 2 days a year focusing on it, but this year, with the time off, I’ve been doing a lot of trawling of censuses and church records. The latest breakthrough was linking to someone who has done a lot of study and managed to trace back a line to 1583. I’ve found coal miners, ironworkers, publicans, rugby players and the occasional workhouse resident. No one famous, no one titled, just a long line of workers.

Jan 02

Some 2008 Plans

Not really resolutions as they cover more than that, but here’s some of the things I want to do.


First up, find some new work. I know what I want to do – deliver transmedia experiences – but finding the right place could be a challenge.


Sort out the long term stuff. I need to do a little bit of planning and bring together all the bits and pieces. Plus some boring stuff like a will and all of that.


I’ve only got one bit of travel planned so far this year, and that’s conference based. I’ve not been on a ‘holiday’ since I went to Barbados, so I want to go somewhere to laze around and do scuba diving for a couple of weeks.


I’m off to SXSW, where I have a panel. Reboot and Gnomedex could also be on the agenda. I’d like to do at least one other speaking event this year.


I have to get the gym. Preferably to classes. So looking for a gym buddy in London for when I’m back down there.


I need to buy me a new TV. I had a Sharp Aquos in the US and quite liked that, but I’ll see what is in the shops at an affordable price once got the money together. I need to get a voltage transformer for the XBox and work my way through my games. I’m working through the Orange Box at the moment which will probably keep me occupied for a few months.


Behind the Buzz is going quite well, with traffic steadily increasing. I’ve got a few other blog possibilities, so we’ll see whether they pan out.

I think that is it for this planning session.