SXSW – Is Google Evil

Read this from Ewan, notes from a SXSW Music Panel on Is Google Evil? With no consumer representation on the panel and no questions from the floor without being written down and screened by the moderator

and I forced my question into the discussion flow. “Can we ask who represents the consumer on this panel?” The answer? “No you can’t ask.” (Eric Rice has a chain of thought blog posts starting at the above link as well). I’m sorry, I’m going to debate strongly that it should be asked. Turns out the audience was on my side and wanted the question answered as well. Result? End of Panel, thank you for coming.

2 thoughts on “SXSW – Is Google Evil

  1. I’ll be organizing my Twitters and my Blog posts shortly… sorry for the chaotic writing, I just couldn’t let some of those one-liners die in my head.


  2. It’s gives a great flavour, between you and Ewan. I’d have loved to have been there for this one..looking forward to the organised post