Cab rides and planning

I nipped back to London for a couple of days to present at a conference. For my trip back, I’d booked a car to pick me up – my normal behaviour the last few trips has been just to get a yellow cab. With the long wait to get through immigration and then a long queue for the cab, it has been taking me nearly 3 hours from landing to get home. Yesterday was completely different. The US immigration queue was the quickest I’d ever seen it, I was asked no questions at all by the agent/officer (whatever they are called); I only had hand luggage so no waiting for the carousel to start and I walked out of the airport to see a long queue of taxis but no people waiting. I was through so quickly that my booked car had not arrived. That’s the way it goes though.

For some reason, I had almost the exact same conversation with the cab drivers at both ends of the journey, all started by the driver,s not by me. This was a commentary (rant?) about the US attitude to cars and driving – they had the same opinion, which was not that complementary.

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