Blackout Country

The US has been suffering a number of blackouts as the heatwave hits the countries ability to provide enough electricity to run all the air conditioners. The blackouts have affected MySpace, which was down for most of the weekend; at times the error message blamed the blackouts and sometimes, like currently, states the outage is due to planned maintenance.


Nevermind, if you can’t connect with all your buddies, you can still play Pacman. I wonder how many of the MySpace audience actually know what Pacman is?

Meanwhile, the blackouts gave the Social Engineering panel at Hope the opening they needed to get people to agree to various things, such as promising them access to basements to look at electic meters. The panel was one of the most popular at the event, with the main hall packed to overflowing to listen to stories about past successes and a live demonstration of the activity. I think the moral was never trust anybody, especially when being asked to do things to help!

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