Superman Returns

I went to see the new Superman Returns film late on Wednesday evening, at the insistence of a colleague who always goes to see new films on the opening weekend. He’d arranged tickets for the showing at an IMAX 3D showing. An hour before the showing we were lined up, pretty far back in the queue. Although the gorup of us were able tto get seats together, it was not smack bang inthe middle of the place, so some of the effect of the HUGE screen was lost.

i really enjoyed the film; not a flash-bang showy as the Xmen film, far more restrained in the action and with a far deeper emotional core running through it. Brandon Routh fitted the part with ease (and the skin tight suit) and Keven Spacey was great as Lex Luthor. There were about 5 scenes in the movie that were 3D enabled…everytime the notification came up on screen there was a scrambling in the audience to put on the oversize glasses. Neve rhaving seen any big production of 3d, it was a fun addition.

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