PS3 for Sale

The BBC is reporting that the Sony PS3 is now for sale on for the grand price of 550GBP (I still can’t find the pound sign on this US keyboard). They are selling the 60GB HDD version, with Blu-ray, wifi and HD output.

The price is higher than previously predicted and although the release date is 17 November, it’s unlikely to be shipped before Christmas. So order now for your long six months wait.

I’ve still not decided if I am going to purchase one of these..the amount of gaming I do is minimal and this is a fair bit of money forfor something I’d primarily use as a DVD player. I think I may wait.

One thought on “PS3 for Sale

  1. Option/Alt + 3 should do the trick… (does on my US Macs.) 🙂
    (Americans call the hash a ‘pound sign’…)

    I’m waiting for the PS3s to price drop dramatically before I even entertain the idea of getting one. I go through gaming in spurts, so it’s not really a priority investment. (Shame that a game machine can be so expensive that I use the word ‘investment’!)