Missed opportunities with airports

US airports really miss a trick when it comes to commercial opportunities. The other week the flight back from Chicago was delayed by 2 hours and all the only places to spend money were a couple of bars, a couple of fast food restaurants and a couple of newsagents. If I’d been stuck in Heathrow I could have probably completely outfitted a house from the shops available there. I’m expecting to spend a fiar bit of time in airports as the United service between Chicago and La Guardia seems prone to delays – this week, after being picked up at 5 am for the first flight, it was cancelled without even an apology..the group of us had to be split across the later flights.

One thought on “Missed opportunities with airports

  1. Chicago O’hare is the worst airport I have ever been to. Like you said, if your delayed in any UK airport (even luton) you would be stacked up with gifts and spoiled for choice when it comes for somewhere to eat or drink.