Creative Challenge

Via Mit Advertsing lab, In what I assume is a tie in with the US version of The Apprentice, Chevrolet have opened a competition to make your own advertisement. In a very nice website, it allows you to combine video shots and music and text however you wish. I can’t work out the way to get to the ads online, but you obviously can…so some have been grabbed for your viewing pleasure.

Whilst many will be complimentary, funny or just plain bad, the competition has also opened the doors to those who do not agreee with big cars. There’s a series over on YouTube (for the while at least) and some more here on Eco-Geek..

These things were inevitable – they would have (at least I hoped they were) covered in all of the preparation for the campaign. The acid test will be what do Chevy do next. Leave the negative ads out there, not go chasing to have them taken down, whilst. hopefully, listen to what they are saying and learn something? Or prove that they are still, really, a command and control marketer, don’t want to listen to their customers and not really interested. I guess we’ll see next week – assuming the lawyers aren’t working the weekend 😉

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