The Mac Hotel, Vegas

After 4 days in Vegas, we think there are opportunities for a Scottish themed casino…so welcome The Mac!

As all of these hotels have particular themes and gimmicks, here’some of the things that could be present. Blame Ewan for most of these πŸ˜‰

  • a lone piper on the top of the hotel playing everyone in, with it relayed by camera to a big multi-screen outside the hotel
  • twin tower design…massive space in the middle..a Glasgow side and an Edinburgh side. All the wifi is in Glasgow, all the money in Edinburgh. The casino is in the middle..then the scottish complex and the Experience behind
  • between the towers would be the biggest Scottsh flag you have ever seen with the Lion Rampart underneath it
  • all the men in kilts, all the women in fancy highland dressy things with massive push up bars and corsets
  • decor is red on botton, green on top, with mini bannister in the middle..with lots of pictures of the English getting slaughtered.
  • Bonnie Prince Charlie will be selling shortbread…
  • there are suites named after English men the scots have built..(RC – it’ll be a very small hotel then!)
  • there’ss be a distillery, a massive selection of whiskies
  • proper ale on handpumps (therefore served at room temp…)alcopops a plenty and dandelion and burdock instead of rootbear
  • a fake Loch Ness, with sightings of Nessie every 15 minutes. Next to it, a hillside, with haggi running around (both varieties, so running both ways)
  • the other side of the loch would be similar to the bottom half of the Royal Mile,
  • the food court would have to have the chippies only, run by Italians, dodgy kebab places and Greggs the Baker…
  • random tramps would wander round, drinking Special Brew and Buckfast
  • the roof would not be painted with a fake blue sky, but would be grey..with the sprinkers turning on every now and then.
  • there would be a River Clyde, with motor boats, and neds on the bridges throwing stuff occasionally
  • Billy Connelley would MC the evening show, which would include Gerry Rafferty, Lulu, Bay City Rollers, Rod Stewart, the Proclaimers, Annie Lennox,

At that point…we had enough!

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