Morrissey on stage

Morrissey on stage

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According to the blurb…”In what could best be described as a once in a lifetime experience, Morrissey will be interviewed by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke for a SXSW Interview on Thursday, March 16, 1:15 PM – 2:30 PM at the South By Southwest Music Conference, followed by a performance later that evening at the Austin Music Hall, presented by the BBC Radio.”

So sitting here waiting for the arrival of the star guest. No problem with getting power in this case…very few people carrying laptops and of those that do, most appear to be press.

My view isn’t the best in the world..but it’ll do. Again we go with the no flash photography…(the first 5 minutes or so were accompanied by the constant whirring of cameras from both professionals and amateurs. However, not sure how many wil turn up to be found on the web..for the beastie boys, only found one photo on Flickr

.And the reason for turning up? He has a new record…

(throughout, Q= David Fricke and A=Morrissey..this is a sort of transcribed version of the interview, so only worth reading if you are a Morrissey fan)

Q: the new record..the last song, the first lines..why is he ‘finally born’ after 23 years..
A: it takes people a long time to learn things in their life,,I’m now seeing joyful things in life, which I didn’t in the past (maybe you noticed) the last year has been an eyeopener

A: what eyeopeners
Q: politically the world is ridiculous..but a lot of beautiful things…in nature…and nature calms you down

Q: how are you different form 83
A: hope to god different.,..look back it’s quite shocking
Q: what’s shocking
A: everyone changes..
Q: are you writing with more honesty?
A: always honest, always brutally honest..
Q: were there moments when singing..did you think you were too honest, putting too much of you out there
A: yes..sometimes thought was too much..,but was not going to stop me, ..did not want to be what I was, wanted to mean something to people who listened,,that is quite difficult in music..artists are not encouraged to be themselves..I was discouraged..
Q: you enjoyed the artifice of it?
A:not really much choice,,this or nothing…had to be this way..if I horrified people, made people vomit, that is a confirmation of something, a reaction and with most music don’t get reaction
A: most people thing that to make music is enough,,but it is not..when bad music you get really angry..there’s too many people making music

Q: there’s self referential lyrics…for a lot of other song writers not the same…in the new songs referenc to satisfation and completion?
A: completion? if that was the case then TV/radio would not have been invented. I feel I’m a social writer who likes to think everything is true..if feel you are a writer by compulsion than have to write everything

Q: when you wrote Reel around the Fountain it was banned by BBC and the tabloids had a field day…you were being honest..
A: when press wrote about it in england, I was amused, that they cared..most of what press wrote is ludicrous..was horrified at the inference

Q: were your declarations of celibacy too open
A: only said it twice…but still here discussing it. it was me for a while and then it wasn’t everyone goes through dry spells!

Q: what drove you to announce publically
A: it’s the way it had to be..never been showbiz driven..whay I’ve never been on the cover of Rolling Stone (pointed look at interviewer) as I am too real…it’s generally considered that public cannot cope with reality…which is crap as they you think that?
Q: the notion that there is too much truth and we should not know things is crime..the notion that we should not see the body bags from Iraq..their service, what ever you think, their sacrifice should be noticed,,,war is upsetting – get used to it

Q: the new record producer..why try and work with someone who was working with new wave revival..
A: most modern groups do go back..can’t see any groups who are doing things new..most groups think if they reproduce then that is good enough…with Jeff thought the sound of the the album (Killers) was good. but it was pity it did not work out…
Q: what about tony visconti (3 days notice)
A: jeff was into that also…with tony..the album was made in rome..he’s intalian, hugely talented, a great person, and everyone was happy.
Q: what does a producer do for you?
A: they are very busy people…they bring everything together…you take a song here and they can take it there…they bring something, the sound is brighter, the voice is brighter, a great producer is an asset
Q: have you had producers trying to change lines and songs
A: No one should be that silly
Q : but producers who do?
A: those who allow it should not be making music in the first need to now what you are doing
Q: how many changes do you do?
A: nothing..once finished (Written), little will change

Q: I’ve a suspicion that you start with titles..the titles get your attention and give you a way in…but are they your way in
A: more people will see title than hear the song -so has to be just as interesting..people buy songs ‘cos of the title..yes I do start with titles and it leads everything else

Q: do you need colaborators?
A: yes, as not a musician…don’t want to be a musican and don’t want to play a instrument…want to be simply naked before the are a cop out…a way of avoiding the audience,,if you sing you have to look at people..if you have a guitar and you block everyone then you may as well be behind a tree. No man is an need a printer
A: did you try instrument
A:yes..tried drums,..but who wants to be a rock musician

Q: how did you work with Johnny Marr
A: it was the music first, then the melody and vocal words. we worked together and discussed
Q: a lot of the guitar stuff was evocative, not a lot of effects, hi quality..straight forward
A: he was very melodic, very prolific, played guitar in a strange way, people could not reproduce..he was talented and had a great melancholy..he always beleived he was happy ….talent is the ingredient, can’t buy it

Q: was there something that johnny needed from you to be a complete team
A: yes..we each had lots of influences…pulled together to get something original. you don’t copy, but think that the way people do it is the way to be we bought different stuff. I liked cheap british stuff…johnny liked a lot of folk stuff

Q: is there something about the way you wrote with johnny that you lost when the smiths went?
A: there was a time that was right, it was very fruitful, it was a fantastic journet and then it ended, thankfully, and that’s that. At the time i felt it should have continued but he wanted it to end..
Q: did you feel forced to go on your own…he was the only person you wrote with?
A; well there was someone else, but Johnny was the beginning but that is dim and distant past
Q: why go back to the smiths songs?
A: I avoided due to the split…then i thought I was being silly by avoiding them.
Q: whats the highest amount of money offered to reform
A: 5million dollars…for a festival this year. Is that high or low?
Q: did you give it half a thought?
A: no cos money does not come in to it…when you start doing things for money something terrible happens to you

Q: what was it aobut the New york Dolls?
A: i thought they were incredibly…funny, witty, rebellious, eveything a group should be and the US press ignored them which made me like them more
Q: what was it?
A: I saw the glamour…could not see anywhere else in US groups…I thought they were everything

Q: as you grew up..what elements made you want to be involved in music..
A: first record was marianne faithful come and stay with us…
Q: what was it about pop celebrity that made you dream it was possible
A: perhaps cos thought nothing else was poss that this was the only route..he got convinced that you could make pop music and noisy music that could be intelligent. the peope that aren’t listening should not be catered for..should be ignored..assume everyone is intelligent and see how the world changes

Q: you saw Bowie in 72..what was the impact
A: he played at a garden centre, 300 people turned up…it was pretty shocking..the music was fantatstic, the glamour aspect was wondeful..people forget how drab it was..but bowie was going somewhere must have been life threatening as he walked around like that…people were going on about the ormond brothers etc..but to see an incredible creature like bowie..
Q:but you expressed disillusion said he was only relevant by accident..
A: but that was an indirect quote…but that can be said about any rock star and absolutely about him… it ended and he has made lots of albums that aren’t fantastic..but he changed everything..and that is good as most people don’t do things
Q: but that could be said about you..the chance of meeting Marr
A: agree,,that is true
Q: how valuable is the quality of accidnet
A: but that applies to everythng in life..does anyone know where they will be next week

Q: when did you start writing lyrics
A: when 6..righteous’ve lost that loving feeling..would hide under table and tantrum until certain records were bought for me

Q: who were writing for?
A: nobody at all, just me

Q: do you remember the first song that you felt there was confirmation that you could do it?
A: yes hand in glove…no questions about it…so strong

Q: now making records in a bis that consumes celebrity rather than music (American Idol)
A: nothing to do with me (protests)…everyone know it is crap but peope do like it..the very last thing these people are is an’s a modern talent show and i feel sympathy for contestants..the very game of ridculing is a game…too much…
Q: has celebrity become less special?
A: it’s meaningless…the people who are celebrated are celebrated for being known..not for enriching the world..they live in a complete fantasy land

Q: you made 3 videos for new recod which are kind of take-off of the Eurovision Song Contest
A: when a child In was amazed by Eurrovision as a contest of songs and amazed at construction of songs. Now it does not interest me…but as a 10 yearold would watch closely…listen to the construction..
Q: what resonated from songs and winners (Waterloo for example)
A: there are many I and nasty, cost a pound,,made by people who wre probably executed the next day!
Q:is it annoying to compete in this atmostphere
A: annoying as trying to present thoughtful music and surrounded by people who are not and people who are rewarded for being mundane,…if you try and do good you are dare you try and enlighten us..if you try to be thoughtful you are cross examined and have to explain why not simple…find it unfair..all know it’s unfair..but that is life

Q: You were interviewed by a result of comments about bush during the tour…and special branch in UK on saying it should have been bush the day reagan died
A: when made the comment on stage all the crowd cheered and they weren’t was quite scary..the people could kill was frightening

Q: how were you called in?
A: they pick you up in a public place, humiliate you..shout at you,you should go with them to save face
Q: what were they asking
A: they were sounding me out to see if a threat..just checking if was the UK if speak out about the gov they knight you and you shut up…it was different here.

Q: in first Rolling Stone interview…you suggested that Thatcher was so evil that she should be do reconcile Meat is Murder with assassination…that is an extreme statement
A: Thatcher was a destructive force..celebrated at Falklands losses..disgusting behaviour..the only political leaders that I admire are those that can solve political situations without bloodshed..Thatcher was aggresive and enjoyed it
Q: any US politicians?
A: don’t really know many as they are have to go to Europe to find out what is happening in US as the US does not really tell you anything…sees no-one in politics that speak to me..

Q: are you stateless, rootless
A: feel I live nowhere..which is handy…cyberspace
Q ;how do you describe you politics
A: I’m opposed to anything barbaric..which is considered weird..don’t cheer about what you can to oppose barbarism and cruelty is all you can do.

Q: what do you thing about what passes for british rock celebrity (pete docherty..)
A: when people mention his name they talk about his fuck ups…it’s his life..I think people maul over him and hopes he expires and will feel dissapointed if he does not expire
Q: how did you cope with the whims of the press – ups and downs
A: it is personal and you can’t think it is not cos it is…if you can rationalise it and you can read into things..most dreadful thngs where written by people who wanted to be involved in something and cos I don’t get involved they wanted to get revenge..never simply the fact that someone does not just like your album,..I can take it

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