Guinness Great Britain Starts Blogging

Disclaimer: I still work for this company (but only for the next 2 weeks…) so this is little bit of an ad for a site, but thought it would be interesting to share some of the process behind the scenes and the challenges of digital marketing in an alcohol company.

Over at you’ll find a slightly different departure for the company from its usual consumer marketing websites. The team responsible for marketing Guinness in Great Britain have started a blog to explore and explain all the work that goes on behind the scenes in marketing the beer. It’s been a long journey from idea to reality for this site; long and varied conversations with the legal teams to ensure that a site would comply with our Marketing Code and allow the brand team to have a conversation with their consumers that would follow the principles in the document.

So you’ll find a few things different on this site. The first, and most obvious, is a gateway page that asks you for your age and country. This is done on all the company sites (you’ll even find it on the corporate site to access examples of advertising) to ensure visitors are old enough to view alcohol advertising (and that they come from a country where it is allowed). You can save a cookie to ensure you don’t get it the next time you visit.

The moderation will be quite controlled as well. It’ll only be during working hours and won’t be immediate – the brand team are doing this themselves, not the agency, and they have lots more marketing to do as well. There’s also a fair few guidelines about what is acceptable – the comments will still have to comply with the marketing code. But the team have committed to do their best to get all comments submitted onto the blog and answer them.

It’s a new step for the team – I hope it works for them.



3 thoughts on “Guinness Great Britain Starts Blogging

  1. John, how open do I have to be – it is very clear from my post that I work for the company currently. (ref your comment to Hugh on gapingvoid)

    I’ll be going Freelance on project management

  2. Rachel, this is pretty cool. Having checked out Gaping Void, though, I was disgusted with the frothing eagerness to rip the effort to shreds. More power to the Guinness team; I hope they don’t let the idiots get them down.