Strange Comment Spams

For the last few weeks, I’ve been receiving a lot of comment spam that all follow the same format. Here’s a typical comment:

I enjoyed reading your stuff. Cool site. Central is feature of Astonishing Round: , Collective Boy becomes Coolblooded Soldier in final Red, Faithful, Universal nothing comparative to Central , to Kill Grass you should be very Curious Red Stake Love or not

Looking at the source, the links appear to be exactly what they say they are, going to ‘genuine’ sites as opposed to those trying to sell drugs and surgical procedures. There’s just been a whole lot linking through to movie sites. I have no idea what these are trying to do, but it’s getting boring deleting them.

3 thoughts on “Strange Comment Spams

  1. I get a lot of those – usually you get a few of those type, followed by one definite spam from the same IP address. It’s almost as if they try to legitimize their spam posts with some non spam looking ones.

    I automatically moderate any comment that even remotely looks like it contains a URL so we never really have problems with comment spam.

  2. My guess is they are trying to polute the blacklists so they get more useless and / or popular sites get dragged into this spamming business as wel.

    Some of them have special chars in the a href with valid ‘nice’ urls from good sites – I am assuming they are waiting for them to stay to detect a blog which is not looked at any more and then spam really. But I find them strange too.