Volume – Sifry part 2

David Sifry’s posting yesterday regarding the rate of blog creation got a fair bit of press, with the BBC being quick to pick it up. The free paper the Metro also has it, burt their online version is different to the one in the paper. Online, they talk about a number of blog related firings, as they so in the paper, but the paper adds a curiously out of place quote from Belle De Jour (well, at least I know she’s posting again). Interstingly, no explanation of what a blog is.

Anyway, Sifry has his second review out today. This is reviewing posting volume – the number of posts added to the web every day; it’s coming in at 10.4 posts a second. So that’s one new blog a second and over 10 new posts a second; the challenge for the search tools is keeping up. The increase is attributed to the rising number of ways to post – IM, email, mobile and straight form other services. Ease of use encourages rapid response, reducing time between thought and it being on the page and out there. That may not always be a good idea, but as we’ve seen from recent events, there are occasions when such rapid response adds value.

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