Fnd all you need on the web?

Bosch don’t think you should be able to. My dishwasher is having trouble as the water has stopped draining out of it. I can;t find the brouchure to give me some ideas, but no problems I though, it’ll be on the web. Searching for Bosch and diswwaher led me, after a few false click, to the bosch.com customer care page. And apparently, having a small amount of water left inthe bottom is perfectly nomal. Nowhere on theis site could I find detailed info and nor could i find my model. I evntaully tracked the model details down to the UK version of the site. And there is no help at all available here that I can see. Plenty of sales information, but nothng to help me now I’ve bought the appliance. I can re-order the manual, or order service, but nothing to give me a clue to what is going on.

Googling for help led me to a message board, from which I find that this problem is not unusual and that I most likely need to clean out the pump. That may be a little beyond my skillset, so there’s always a plumber.

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