Live8 Feeds

Watching Live8 in London on the BBC, U2 finished and Coldplay on at the moment. I thought to try and get the sound going through the PC, which has a far better system than the telly, but nothing is synching. BBC Radio is about 10secs behind and the AOL webcast is about 30 seconds behind. Now the obvious thing to do is re-arrange the connections so everything works together, but me, wires and moving furniture do not go well together.

The march continues in Edinburgh, Technorati continues to gather posts (of all opinions). The Live8insider blog have some great backstage photos, plus exclusive Tshirts to win…

Andrew Marr being interviewed..”you used to have movements, now you have moments”. So is all this technology making these multiple moments, captured with cameraphones, text messages and blogs into a longer term movement. Or is does life continue to accelerate, with many seeing their momentary interaction as enough.

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