Whale in Thames

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London (dpa) – A whale was spotted in the river Thames in London Friday swimming past the parliament of Westminster and Big Ben, eyewitnesses said.
Boaters and sightseers reported seeing the mammal, believed to be a pilot whale – which can grow up to 6 metres long.
Tom Howard-Vyne, head of communications at the British Airways-operated London Eye ferrieswheel on the bank of the river, said: “I saw it blow, it was a spout of water which sparkled in the air.
“It was on this side of Westminster Bridge and 10 minutes ago it was near the House of Commons. It was an amazing sight,” he added. It was believed the whale was being tracked by a lifeboat to make sure it would not get disturbed by the shipping in the river.
The sighting was described as “extraordinary” by experts, who believed that, like a number of dolphins previously, the whale had “got lost.”

If it’s up by Westminster, it’s definitely got lost!

And now it’s on the BBC

One thought on “Whale in Thames

  1. Take him out to sea as far as possible and let him go even if he is going home to die. these days the vets seem all to keen to put animals down. We dont know enough about them and the sea could be his cure