Positive Action

In the UK, the Education Secretary Ruth Kelly is launching a scheme to get more women working in technology and comouting. The embarassingly named Computer Club for Girls (the name is probably a barrier in itself) is being rolled out across England to give “girls the chance to take part in a wide range of computer-based activities, from designing their own celebrity posters to creating a fashion show or mixing music”. SO hopefully in 5-10 years time we’ll have more women that can be asked to speak at the various conferences. From the BBC

2 thoughts on “Positive Action

  1. I agree on the name, but at least, they try to get the girls in with something else than “oh great, they should be into the same stupid stuff boys do!! why don’t they geek out and programm!!”.

    From my experience all over the years, women do use computers like cars – they want to drive. And care more about putting their bags into the car than how much power it has. (Which is absolutly okay with me, I have my Twingo for its easy to move top.)

    Creating their own poster, having their message boards about their idols etc is great. Why isn’t blogging on that list? 😉

  2. Yep – it’s good to get the girls started and see what can be done – and adding blogging would be good. Some imaginations should be captured and lead more girls into the area.