May 31

More to go

Following on from films to go, Mcdonald’s are now looking at doing music and photos to go. I agree with Engadget’s commenters – how long before they get covered in all sorts of crap. Bu there would be a market, I can see it used by people who own MP3 players and cameras but don’t own PCs; surprisingly I know a few.

May 29

Parental Tales

My mother has an interestng job sometimes. Starting off a nurse, she’s moved slowly more towards the social aspects of that role. She usually has some funny or scary tales to tell and today there was one that can be shared. It started off with her team lead deciding that the place needs a tidy and all the paperwork around the office needed to be tidied and filed, so that in no way could it construed as a Health and Safety risk. So he personally started to remove things, put them in boxes and take them to the archives. In the process, he lost the box of condoms which normally sits in the drawers. They’ll find them again; eventually. So as part of the clean up, Mom decided she would get some shelves put up in a cupboard next to her desk. Off she went to measure up (or at least to look, I think a tape measure would be going to far) and opened the door, to find, of all things, a full size coffin standing upright in the cupboard. Luckily, it was empty, otherwise I think there could have been some questions asked. On emailing the whole team, it turned out that the coffin belonged to policemen who were running a road safety campaign – it’s a prop for their roadshows. The reason for it being in the cupboard – “there was nowhere else to put it”. The shelves are organised and the police are looking for somewhere else to put the coffin when they arrivce. Meanwhile, it’s being used as a coat stand!

May 29

lack of time

Lots of things to write about, just little time. My parents are visting and don’t quite get blogs or anything like that. So need to wait until they are gone. Meanwhile wander over to the photostream and take a look at some photos from a wedding I was at yesterday.

May 27

Movie recommendations

In a similar way to Amzaon, Yahoo can now offer a personalised choice of movies based on you rating a selection. It presents you an initial list of 4 or 5, you rate them and then it provides a selection of other titles. You can request not to be shown titles again, or continually refine your choice by rating the movies as you see them. It’d not a new idea, however unlike Amazon (the only other similar system I;ve used) it also presents you with fils that are currently in the cinimas, not just those on DVD; even more interesting it links to those that are appearing on TV in the near future – but only if you have US TV.

Localising it to the UK would be good, but an even better next step would be to add it to the content available on My Yahoo – the only way I can find to link them is by adding the Film Guide as a favourite, so it’s listed next to Yahoo360. If you’re going for a portal – at least give me all the bits that I may want on one page – it may encourage me to use more than 3 elements! Via Hackling Netflix

May 27

Hot, hot, hot

It’s going to be the hottest day of the year in the south today, with predicted temperature reaching 28-30 C. So I’m guessing that in the usual British tradition of failing to predict autumn leaves on the line or the impact of snow and ice on the roads we’ll be completely unprepared. The Tube lines and trains will have their heaters on and the buildings will not have the air conditioning set up correctly. It’s going to be an uncomfortable day.

May 26

Can I have this film to go?

Via Om Malik I see that DVDStation are going to offer kiosk downloads of films and other content, direct onto your portable media carrier, in a variety of flavours. If they are doing deals with major studios, then DRM will be leading the way, but I see one vision of the future – media more and more just on tap. Wonder who’ll be first to do it over here?

May 26

Crazy Frog

BBC Breakfast is currently talking about a Crazy Frog going to the top of the charts with what sounds like a remix of Axel F’s old hit (no idea what it’s called). I think I’ve missed a cultural phenomenon?

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May 25

London life

I finally got a photo of the London2012 liveried tube train that runs on the Julbille Line. Hideous, billious yellow. To think, we could have these for 7 years.


May 25

Cookery Chemistry

I found out today that Jamie Oliver has a blog as part of his brand website (the brand being Jamie). I see some the potential for some great synergy by getting him together with the Chef Neal over at Podchef Show, who puts up Flickr images of the different stages of making his recipes (like this one – mmmm…chocolate).

Then again, every 4th image would most likely be an ad for a certain British Supermarket.

May 25


I got a comment from one of the entries to the Contagious Media Showdown.. I haven’t posted it as does very little but link to the site entry. For me this is spam. A more open approach would have bene to get me to go see the site and get me to write about it..(a la Blogebrity). Maybe I will later. But the comment is not being added.

May 25

Ad avoidance

In my general reluctance to watch TV ads, I use Tivo. A lot. And now even my preference to fast forward through the breaks is under threat. Adrants is reporting that tests are underway for ‘fast-forward’ ads, in order to “provide viewers with better advertising” involving “the consumer even when they are in avoidance mode”. Ad agencies – please just stop. LEt me choose what to watch. Make a good ad, attract people to it. Don’t force them on me.

May 24


The BBC reports that the US has decided that the Medicare system there does not have to pay for Viagra for registered sex offenders

May 22

And finally

Lot’s of stuff posted today. During the week I sometimes have less time than I would like to capture things. So today, I’ve been adding posts in-between all the housework. And now I have 2 final things.


Something brewing in the world of magazines..or is it. With a blog, a blogroll and a very big ad, what are they up to?

Petition to Ban the Internet

Via Trish Wilson, I see the United Confederation against the WWW (I’m guessing some American pressure group?) have launched a petition to get the internet banned from American homes.

On a web page.

All I can say, if you don’t like it – don’t look at it!

Update: as Trish commented in the comments – this is a hoax. So therefore sheds some light on my expectations (or UK reporting of) American pressure groups. It still sounds like something someone, somewhere would do. Like complaining aobout TV programmes – if you don’t like, don’t watch

May 22

Messengers converge

I see Yahoo have released a new beta of their Messenger. It’s integrated with Yahoo360, so that you can add blog entries directly to your Yahoo blog whilst chatting away without having to go to a browser.

May 22


As I, as well as many others, tend to search on peoples names to see what I can find out about them, I thought I’d see where I was last week, based on my full name. On Google, I’m listed at 16, surprisingly I’m number 1 on MSN (but only .com, can’t find me on On the other’s I tried, I was not on the first 5 pages. So I added my name to the metatags. Today, there’s no change on google or MSN, but on altavista and Yahoo I’m now Number 1. Given this, I thought I better put together an About page. Sometime. This week. Perhaps.