Apr 19

Firefox spreads

I use Firefox as my default browser. Makes problems when the developers we use tend to only have IE, but we’re getting there. I’ve got all of my team here using it as default as well. So it’s good to see the news from Boing Boing that Firefox is used by 38.4% of all visitors, number one in their chart.


(Chart from Boing Boing)

Apr 19

Sausage attack

This is surreal…and funny. A man was driving along in Essex when a frozen sausage came through his window and broke his nose.

A unanmed spokesman said:

I feel very sorry for him – it must have been an incredibly lucky or unlucky shot to get the sausage through a moving car window. I have never seen or heard of anything like this before.

Hmmm..yes. You don’t get too many flying sausages these days.

Apr 19

Flickr goodies

Flickr are making good on thier promises and giving away goodies to Pro subscribers. My account has been extended by one year and I’ve got 2 free Pro accounts to give away.

Apr 17

Time for a day out

With a lovely day, I decided to to take a drive and go visit some history. Wnet to Hampton Court Palace, somewhere I’ve only ever drowve past. Once I got over the extortionate prices (3.50 to park, 12 to go in) I had a really good few hours in the palace and in the gardens. Photos are over on Flickr, and here’s one just for the blog.


However, did learn that driving along with only a vague idea of my direction and no map is a great way to see new places, but not necessarily to get home in good time.

Apr 17

London Marathon

One of the regular events of spring is on today, the London Marathon. Over 30000 people get together to run 26+ miles. I’ll do my usual and watch it on TV, far less stressful.

Apr 12

Jobs..or not

lovely announcement, lots and lots of organisation charts. The only problem is you can’t tell whether a role on an org chart is yours or not, and it’s unlikely to get clearer for a few weeks. So don’t know if my role continues or not, and also don’t know if there are other opportunities or not. Uncertainty..I just love it!!!

Apr 11

Marketing serendipity

The images from Tiger Wood’s stunning shot over the weekend shows that sometimes things happen that even advertising agencies couldn’t script. An absolute perfect shot for Nike.

Take a look at Jaffe Juice for a creative look at the moment, in a commercial that Nike should put out.

Apr 11

Pet Pillows…why?

This post from Boing Boing fianlly made the mainstream press over the weekend, with it being in the Telegraph yesterday and Metro today. The link to the homepage is now down. But would you have your favourite pet preserved and its fur made into a pillow cover?

But the reaction against it appears to be quite virulent – the animals are already dead, it’s not as though they were bred to be made into a fur cover.

I can understand the motivation behind people who would want to get their favourite animals stuffed so making a pillow cover is a far more practical option. But I’d just find it creepy..and have to ask why? The strawpoll around the office reflects this opinion…very creepy.

Apr 10

Timing is everything

The company has been undergoing some fairly major restructuring over the last 3 months. Ther have been multiple re-organisations of teams and markets and now it is the turn of my area, the IS function, and we have the big meeting on Tuesday. But they still have to work on communication a little – in my my mind it would have been far better to send out the notice for the meeting at 8.45 on Monday morning than at 4.45 on Friday evening

Apr 09

Marketing…good and bad.

It had to happen, someone offer’s their penis for an advertising tattoo. The aution on ebay has been taken down, so we can only speculate on the size of real-estate on offer. However, I’m interested in how he was going to generate traffic to view the ad!

However, this flash animation for Hitachi perpendicular drives is fun, and catchy. Annoyingly catchy.


Apr 09

Royal Transport

I love the site of the majority of the British Royal family clambering on a bus to get moved up the hill to the castle.

Apr 05

Workmen explained

I found out what the workmen on the next building have started doing – they are going to be adding an extra floor to Debenhams.


Apr 05

Google Maps Part 2

I love google maps…and now they’ve discovered the rest of the world, at least via Satellite. They have added satellite imagery to the site, with all the saem cool sliding and zooming, but a global version, to various resolutions. So I can take a closer look where I have just booked a holiday

Apr 05

Meme Tracking

Reading through the blogroll, it’s interesting tracking the various ideas and topics as they flow. But if you join in the conversation half way though, how can you make sure you have the picture? One of the recent topics has been this very subject, and now there’s an answer – BlogPulse. Using key words, you can now track which blogs mentioned something first and the meme epidemiology. So you can follow trends, hot words and the full path of conversations. There’s other tools out there, from Technorati to Blogrunner, but BlogPulse comes with some cool analytical tools and is well worth a play.

Apr 05

Pet hates

I hate this shop display. It first came out last summer, when it was warm, and a fun water-squirting flower seemed a good idea. But it’s been there ever since, every single day; all through the winter and now back into the spring. And it’s suffered; it’s got weaker and weaker. At the start, the flower used to zip around, splashing al round the container. Now, it wavers, often not having the strength to raise its head; it flops flacidly around, still performing, but only just.

It needs to go.


Apr 04

Invites galore

Looking around yahoo360, I see that I have invites a plenty for the sharing (along with orkut and gmail…). Leave a comment if you want one.

And there’s quite a few others as well..whilst Jeremy Zawodny is way over his limit, there’s also this forum.

Apr 04

Pope John Paul…

For some reason I find the images of the embalmed(?) body of the pope very creepy..especially as it is obvious they’ve put him in new shoes