LeWeb: Principals of Innovation

Carmine Gallo, Author,
7 Principles of Innovation based on the “Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs.”

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(photo by Adam Tinworth)

Writes books, seems to write things about Steve Jobs. He’s also a communications coach. So Presentation secrets of Steve Jobs was previous book, now the Secrets.

Principal 1: Do what you love. Passion is everything. You need to know what you are passionate about
Principal 2: Put a dent in the universe. Have a vision, be inspired.
Principal 3: Creativity is connecting things..association. Bring things together. it’s not just your own domain that will bring the answers
Principal 4: Say no to a 1000 things. Keep it simple, Remove things, don’t do too much
Principal 5: Create insanely good experiences It’s not just the product, it’s how you experience. People at Apple stores are told to enrich lives. People want to know what they can do with the tools.
Principal 6: Master the Message. Know the Pitch. You have to be able to convince people. Think visually to help with the message
Principal 7: It’s about customer needs.

The main advice: Dream Bigger. See genius in your craziness

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