BarCampBrighton – Slorpedo

This is about Slorpedo – a mixed reality game in Second Life

  • based on an Icehouse game Torpedo. Difficult to play in real world, due to complex rules. so fits well with a virtual world
  • built at HackDay London, uses reacTIVision
  • How it used to work – runs on laptop (server), interacts with SL, via some kind of HTTP, something inbetween – which as written in Processing.
  • Source code lost….URL was hard coded, they did not know the magic numbers.  Tried to re-write it Python yesterday. Approx 60 linrd, in Amazon S3 data,
  • Now – webcam : reactivision : PythonScript : Amazon : SL scrip : game in SL
  • Interesting intersection of technologies.
  • You put your pieces on the board in real life.  Using one hand. aim the subs at the other subs. First one on with all on board, yells stop. Then it switches to SL, where the subs fire all their torpedoes to see who wins, the one with the most subs left wins.
  • Q?; could you play across countries?   Yes, but you’d have to have projector…and how do you say stop?

A rally fun session with people slapping down fake submarines in real life to have them translated into fake submarines in Second Life

Bar Camp Brighton

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One thought on “BarCampBrighton – Slorpedo

  1. As well as yelling ‘STOP’, slapping down a stop marker would make this work across countries. I’ve been playing with a smaller version of SLorpedo since Hack Day which does just that. (Not everyone has an entire region to play with so I wanted something anyone could grab for a quick game! 🙂

    By coincidence I’d been playing about with it just before BarCampBrighton to try out some twitterject ideas so it’s in a reasonable state if you want to grab a copy. See twitter for details: