BIF and Stephen Lane

Stephen Lane  Co-Founder and CEO, Item (design consultancy)

Lane co-founded Item Group and over two decades has built up a dynamic and entrepreneurial design and development firm. Steve focuses on defining and executing new initiatives, both corporate and long-range planning, capitalization and strategic partnerships. Lane thrives as an active leader in the design, entrepreneurial and venture communities, and is an adjunct faculty member at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the department of industrial design.

  • at the beginning, the former head of the design school Mark Harrison, was the pioneer of universal design,  he created language such as inclusive design.  He embarked on a project called the universal kitchen.  Looked at modularity, integration,  human factors, let people to think outside their specialities.  it was a new way of thinking
  • showed video of an A&E, emergency medicine
  • the place has so many opps to improve and integrate.  So how do we attack such a challenge.  My neighbour was the head of emergency medicine and had seen the universal kitchen. he asked me if the same principles could be applied to the resus room.  We had people in the hospitals who were interested in getting things done, we worked with BIF.  It took a little money and all the parties put 50k.  we all said we would create this ourselves and put this up for a beacon.
  • IN the video we saw 30-40 tech companies that make equipment, that do not talk to each other.  that has to change.   Very splintered, on a good note there is no one large owner of things that happen.  Information keeps flowing around the world, between people,  There can often be 8-15 people at any one time.   There were wires everywhere, there are tubes everywhere, a hazardous environment.
  • We looked at 100s of hours of tapes, 1000s of images, 100s of interviews. 
  • In 10 weeks,  we redesigned. we produced a full scale model.  We organised things together.  If we would get some standardisation into the packaging, so they are easy to sort, it will help all.
  • Getting all the information, consolidated together and making them easy to see,
  • All the neighbours all worked together, that was the lesson here.

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