5 thoughts on “Flickr and Upcoming connection

  1. Upcoming have been supporting the machine tag for quite some time now. I’ve used it to tag a number of events in the past. The cool bit is that tagged photos get displayed on the event page on Upcoming.

    Remembering to add the tag can be a pain, so automatic tagging might be useful, but you would need to be able to turn it off for when you didn’t attend an event on your Upcoming list but took photos somewhere else instead.

    – Neil.

  2. Not sure why I missed it, but it jumped out when I looked at the photo given the change to login last week. It’s quite a useful idea; it may not be the best thing to make it automatic but it should be easy enough to pull your events through to the Organiser.

  3. Michael> you just have to add the tag manually at the moment, using the format ‘upcoming:event=177266’ where the number is the upcoming event id.

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