Viral videos – best use of a bra in a fight

A few viral videos to look over.

The first is a scene from a new movie Dead or Alive and features Holly Valance in what i think is the best use of a bra in a fightscene ever. Funny

And it must be a week for bras…ScaryMovie 4 has a point and shoot game (called, with little with or though, BraBlasters) to support it’s release on DVD. Successfully complete each round and the target;s clothes become fewer and fewer. The target audience is pretty clear for this – adolescent boys. There’s nothing else to the site, no way to send it from the site on that I can see, no scoreboard, no challenge, just semi-naked women.

A more surreal video from Xbox 360, involving a world record attempt at something – I guess it’s a waterballoon fight on a beach in Australia. I’m left at the end of the video with a feeling of ‘what??’ I assume it is advertising some game involving waterballoons, but not too could be the release of the console in Australia as far as I can tell. Even clicking through to the main site does not clear it up. The site does not help itself my needing to download a java applet, giving this notice, ‘friendly’ message as the site loads.


On the cute side, here’s a helpful video from the TUC (the Trade Union Council for everyone outside the UK). To promote an employer search portal they are launching, it’s a reminder to check out the companies you are applying to on the ‘internet’. Very silly.


They are running a little poll about blogging and your employer. Unfortunately the results aren’t given immediately (why not?) but it would be interesting to see the results.

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