Pirates and advertising

I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film yesterday and really enjoyed it. It was fun, had me laughing a lot and was a perfect ‘lose yourself for a few hours’ film. It;s definitely not high ar

The website has all the typical features of an entertainment property – starting with lots of flash! Trailers and games are the key components. I’d not come across the digital trading cards before, but they look fun. As you keep digging and clicking, you come across wallpapers, IM bots, screensaves etc. It’s a far more interactive way to get the usual stuff and a way to keep people longer.

On Saturday the first film in the trilogy played on telly. Watching all the commercials breaks I came to the conclusion that every single ad break had a advert either from the company I’m currently working with or from my previous company (and sometimes one ad was both at the same time!). And ‘;d seen most of them so many times in the office I could tell my flatmate about the alternatives. So that’s why I spend far too much time online – to get away from them 😉

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